Kea is the perfect Greek island for any VIP

Kea is ideally located, very close to the main land, and to the Athens International airport. Depending on means of transport in a mere hour and a half you can be on the island from the airport.

Kea boasts beautifully built exclusive villas, many with complete privacy. Stone constructed villas with private swimming pools and all VIP services are attainable. Kea also has stunning beaches, many of them untouched and accessible only by private boat. Keaunplugged concierge can arrange every detail of your VIP holiday from villa rental to private chef to event planning and boat and car rental. Kea is an ideal and easy get away location for any discerning VIP that is looking for a quiet, yet cosmopolitan island. Kea has wonderful restaurants with local cuisine and fresh seafood and fish.

A very large array of services can be arranged on your behalf. Massage and beauty services, housekeeping services, babysitting services and private tours, private sailing or jet boating, weddings, events and many more services can all be arranged for any VIP.

Contact us to arrange your Kea getaway.