Life Is For Living

Kea, otherwise known as Tzia is an island so close to the mainland that many over look it and search farther for something that is in fact right under their noses.  A beautiful island that is full of contradictions. Traditional and humble as well as  Majestic and cosmopolitan all wrapped up in a perfect bundle.

What to do in Kea

1) Deep sea Diving- world class ship wreck , the Britannic (sister ship of the titanic) French ocean liner Burdigala , a steamboat named Patris and the remains of a German junkers airplane.
Learn to dive and explore the depths for sea life treasures or more experienced divers.
Can visit the wrecks with a qualified instructor.

2)  Put on your hiking boots and head to one of the many walking paths that are clearly marked throughout the island. Guides are available for walking as well as mountain bike (e bikes) with experienced guides. The most remarkable of the walking paths is no doubt the one that leads down to the archaic site of Karthea on the south east side of the island. Parts of the temple has been rebuilt and it is situated on one of the most beautiful and untouched beaches of the island. The temple dates back to the first century BC. A gourmet lunch or a more traditional lunch can be packed to take with you to enjoy the whole day. I would recommend visiting the archeological museum in Ioulida as well; you will be astonished at the ancient history of Kea and what has been recovered.

3 )  If cooking is your thing and you love Greek food then we must book for you to visit the traditional home of a very well known, published Greek chef. She lives on the island with her husband where they tend to their organic gardens and grapes. The experience i  almost like visiting an aunt and uncle for the day. Help pick things from the Garden and spend a relaxing and very enjoyable day cooking together and then sitting down to enjoy with a glass of wine and good company. It is a unique and unforgettable experience.

4 )In the midst of the summer heat its time to explore any of the stunning beaches that Kea has to offer. There are still many beaches that are entirely untouched. Bring an umbrella if you have one to be sure, or there are a few beaches that do offer public umbrellas and some with trees in the rear to take refuge from the heat. A picnic lunch can be arranged or just pick up some treats from the bakery ( there is one that still uses wood to cook their bread at the port of korrissia). There are of course a number of organized beaches now on the island offering beach chairs and umbrellas at a fee as well as drinks and food.  The little beach bar at the southern end of the island Koundouraki also offers water sports and water skiing. Make sure to book ahead, for the beach beds and water sports so you aren’t disappointed when you arrive there.

5) Sail away with me… There are a few small sailing boats on the island for hire (max 7-8 people) and a lot more speed boats (zodiac type) that can jet you around the shores of the island (weather permitting) to magnificent beaches only reachable by water. It is an entirely different perspective and a day I guarantee you won’t forget. Arrange in advance for me to pack a wonderful lunch and cold drinks to have with you to make it even more enjoyable.

6) So, you’ve found the ideal villa with a stunning back drop of the sun dropping into the Aegean and you just want to stay in and enjoy it. Dine al fresco at your villa with the help of a private chef and assistant to come and cook for you and serve you. Turn your villa into your veryr own gourmet restaurant.

7) Private parties. Perhaps you’re here to celebrate your birthday or anniversary or you’re    on your honeymoon… Or you simply want to party. I can arrange every detail. From music to deco to drinks, catering, service and even a fantastic photographer to capture the event.

8) Family reunion or special event or just an opportunity to have some professional photographs taken to have and to treasure, the background is perfect!

9) You have come to unwind and need to take things down a few gears. Here there are a few options.  You can relax with Yoga or body conscious exercises at your villa or in nature conducted by a very experienced instructor with an international reputation for her work.  A massage can also be arranged, either at a studio or again at your villa. We have a wonderful Thai woman that performs traditional Thai massage and two other Greek women that perform relaxing and deep tissue massage. One is also a physio therapist with a great deal of experience.

10) There are many wonderful restaurants throughout the island that I can recommend and make bookings for you. A babysitter with experience can also be arranged for a few hours (we can even have some pizza or souvlaki delivered to the kids) so you can enjoy your evening alone and a little more romantic. There is also an excellent child drama therapist on the island that can spend d a few hours entertaining the kids with theatre games.

Kea is the official name of the island but when you get to know and love the place like we all do you can also call it Tzia and say the name with a sneaky smile on your face as it is an undiscovered and understated beauty that will remain always in your heart.

Any of the services mentioned above can be arranged but preferably not at the last minute to assure bookings. I do concierge services of any kind, so your wish is my command. Let me know what it is you are after and I will do my very best to materialize it for you.