KEA, my favourite non-touristic island

KEA the place to be!!

Even though I’m Greek, our islands still manage to fascinate me and they’re my absolute favourite summer destination. I love crossing a new island off my list every year!

This summer, I decided to go to Kea (aka Tzia), the island adored by the Athenian low profile – high society. I’m very happy I did!

Kea doesn’t have the Myconian glam. It doesn’t have an epic nightlife. No hordes of tourists strolling around its alleys either. But this is exactly what makes it the perfect island for serenity, relaxation and endless beaching.

The island’s beaches are mostly unorganized; it has a small number of hotels and the villas to rent are usually too expensive for the average tourist. Kea holds standards and character and doesn’t want to be seen as commercial; no-no.

Kea keeps it chic, simple and private. With gorgeous yachts scattered around Vourkari and luxurious hidden villas decorating every single cliff of the island, how could it not?

Let’s just put everything in the correct order, shall we?

Great location!

Kea is part of the Cyclades island complex and the closest one to our Greek capital of Athens.
It can be reached by ferry from the city of Lavrion on the southernmost side of Attica.

What to expect:
• Wild and mountainous landscape.
• Endless views of the Aegean from any route you choose.
• Rough, rocky roads leading to crystal water beaches.
• Delicious, good quality food.
• Friendly locals.
• Pet-friendly beaches.

My favourite beaches:
• Xila – green, clear, tropical waters and a small beach bar that usually requires a reservation. But don’t worry, you can also bring your beach towel and enjoy the water, reservation & cost free, a few meters away.
• Kambi – for many reasons, my absolute favorite. The water is clean and crystal clear, the scenery wild and raw, there’s no beach bar whatsoever and it is totally dog friendly. In my books, it can’t get any better than that.

Other beaches to choose from:
• Otzias
• Gialiskari
• Spathi
Of course, there are more beaches on the island but these 5 will do the trick for a first timer. Plus, if I tell you everything, I’ll take away the magic of exploring and discovering … You want to be a traveler, not a tourist, right? ☺

Night owl? Don’t worry. Kea has something for you too! In the area of Vourkari and right in front of the marina there are few cocktail bars that play all kinds of music and are packed from vacationers of all ages. The best thing? No dress code – go as you please!

Because Kea’s crowd is quite specific, the food on the island is good pretty much everywhere. I would highly recommend any of the two taverns right in the heart of Ioulida for a well-prepared traditional meal with a view, as well as the very popular “Aristos” in Vourkari for its wicked spaghetti with lobster.

I stayed at The house in the port and I really must recommend it because Chrysa, the landlady, is the sweetest host I ever had. She was very helpful, attentive and also welcomed us with fresh juice and pastries as well as dog treats for Kiara!

If you are more of a hotel person, then:
1. Anamar Kea
2. Porto Kea Suites
Both luxurious and pricey, with an elegant touch of glam!

When in Kea, make sure you explore it in a car, specifically an SUV. The roads are rocky and difficult and you really need to drive around in order to explore the island, as you should.

So if you find yourself in Athens, and are looking for a quick getaway, Kea is a 30min drive and a 1hr boat ride away. Don’t think about it, just do it!


Kea is the perfect Greek island for any VIP.

VIP concierge services in Kea with Keaunplugged. Kea is the perfect Greek island for any VIP.

Kea is ideally located, very close to the main land, and to the Athens International airport. Depending on means of transport in a mere hour and a half you can be on the island from the airport.

VIP concierge services in Kea with Keaunplugged. Kea is the perfect Greek island for any VIP.Kea boasts beautifully built exclusive villas, many with complete privacy. Stone constructed villas with private swimming pools and all VIP services are attainable. Kea also has stunning beaches, many of them untouched and accessible only by private boat. Keaunplugged concierge can arrange every detail of your VIP holiday from villa rental to private chef to event planning and boat and car rental. Kea is an ideal and easy get away location for any discerning VIP that is looking for a quiet, yet cosmopolitan island. Kea has wonderful restaurants with local cuisine and fresh seafood and fish.

VIP concierge services in Kea with Keaunplugged. Kea is the perfect Greek island for any VIP.

A very large array of services can be arranged on your behalf. Massage and beauty services, housekeeping services, babysitting services and private tours, private sailing or jet boating, weddings, events and many more services can all be arranged for any VIP.

Contact us to arrange your Kea getaway.


Kea is a magical place

kea shipwreck keaunlugged Aegean sea

Diving with Keaunpugged

The Greek island of Kea is a magical place to explore above and below the surface of the Aegean Sea. Kea has been on the news a lot recently, being mentioned by both Fox News and The Mirror in commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of the shipwreck HMHS Britannic.

Dive in to magical Aegean Sea with KeaUnglugged

kea shipwreck keaunlugged Aegean sea

Diving with Keaunplugged

The Britannic was the famous sister ship of the even more famous ship The Titanic. In the depths just off the Greek island of Kea lies the world class shipwreck. Diving and exploring the depths around th e wreck can be arranged with experienced and qualified divers and equipment. Keaunplugged concierge can arrange your entire holiday, from Greek villa rental to transportation and of course all details for your diving adventures. The wreck of the Britannic lies at 400 feet below the surface and was put there while travelling to gather wounded British soldiers from the island of Lemnos, where it hit a German mine. The casualties were minimal thankfully. What remains of the Britannic today at the bottom of the sea are magnificent. Let us book your holiday now, there is so much to explore on the beautiful Greek island of Kea.

Rent a private villa in Kea, Greece

Private villas in Kea

rent a private villa in kea, greece Kea is a beautiful island belonging to the Cyclades and a perfect place to rent a private villa for your summer holidays. Kea has many beautiful private villas with swimming pools or without, all with a beautiful view either to the sea or the rugged interior of the island. Kea, being so close to Athens has become a hot spot for wealthy Athenians that have built these beautiful private villas in harmony with the rocky hillsides of Kea. Most of the private villas are built using local stone and blend perfectly into Kea’s beautiful and rugged nature. Renting one of these private villas in Kea allows you the freedom of enjoying a home away from home. Renting a private villa in Kea is ideal for families so that in the evenings the parents can relax around the pool or outside while the children sleep. Renting a private villa is also great for a few couples to share to be able to spend some quality time and at the same time have the freedom to be able to relax and feel like having your own summer home/ villa in kea.

rent a private villa in kea, greeceKea is quite a big island, the fifth largest of the Cyclades and there are many villas to look into before deciding on which one is right for you and your family. The sizes of the villas vary from small two bedroom homes to grand 6 bedroom villas. Some of the private villas are close to the main port and more touristy beaches for those that want to have everything close by and others are more isolated situated in remote areas and allow those that truly want to be ‘ left alone in peace and quiet’.

rent a private villa in kea, greeceWhatever it is you’re looking for we can help you rent a private villa on the beautiful island of Kea, with more than 500 private villa, I am sure that we will find exactly what you are looking for.

Europe’s 18 best secret islands

Our favourite island made it as one of eighteen best secret islands for Telegraph.


Kea, Greece

As the ferry manoeuvres in the narrow entrance to Kea’s one-horse port, Korissia, you won’t see a crowd of room touts on the quay, or a flotilla of tourist boats busking their beach excursions with Zorba the Greek. This is not the style of an island which missed out on – or cleverly avoided – the Greek tourism boom and is largely ignored by island travellers because it has no connection with Piraeus. Kea draws on a civilised clientele of Athenian weekenders and second home owners in retreat from the city.

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Kea, Greece’s Hidden Gem


A mere breath away from Athens lies the small Cycladic island of Kea. It’s often overlooked by its more prominent siblings, Mykonos and Santorini. Kea does not reveal its secrets easily. It’s more an island for Greeks to visit, rather than an island that tourists seek out. But it’s one of my favorite islands. If you take the time to get to know her, you will discover that this quiet island holds many hidden treasures worth exploring.

In Kea’s crystal blue waters lies the wreck of the Britannic, sister ship to the Titanic. It’s a favorite destination for diving enthusiasts. Kea is also home to a variety of hiking trails, Oak tree forests, and secluded beaches.

2014-05-09-portokeasuites01-thumbAt the edge of the port of Korissia in Kea, across from the quaint church of St. George, lies Porto Kea Suites. The hotel sits directly in front of the beach, providing endless views of the Aegean. The hotel is part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World. The rooms combine classic island décor and modern luxury. The service, rooms, view, and food are all first class. The hotel is only open from April-October, so plan accordingly.
2014-05-09-theredtractor-thumbWalking distance from Porto Kea Suites is Red Tractor Farm, which is owned and run by Kostis Maroulis and his wife Marcie Mayer. The farm is not widely advertised. There are no signs pointing down the small dirt road that leads to the farm, but it’s definitely worth finding! Kostis has an interest in botany and bee keeping and Marcie ran a successful restaurant in Athens for years. Together they make some amazing and unique products on the farm: spicy tomato & watermelon ketchup, tamarind & honey spice glaze, green tomato & orange marmalade. Marcie also runs the islands acorn initiative, educating the public about acorns and restoring the islands once abundant acorn economy. Visitors can walk around the farm, purchase products, and even rent a room at the farm house if they decide to spend the night!
2014-05-09-koundouros_1-thumbKoundouros Beach
Located on the northwest part of the island, with a calm atmosphere and picturesque windmills, the emerald waters of Koundouros Beach beckon you after a long hike.

2014-05-09-ss_aristaios06_F29243-thumbAs you travel away from the port of Korissia, up towards the mountainside village of Xora, there is a small shop by the side of the road. A small wooden sign hangs outside the shop, listing in Greek the traditional products awaiting you inside: honey, spoon sweets, olive oil, handmade pasta, cheese, and rice pudding. It’s a family run shop, with children playing inside and pasta drying underneath nets on the patio. They have a great variety of products from the island and all around Greece. It’s a great spot to pick up some local products to enjoy back home, or to take to friends as gifts.

2014-05-09-AristosKea-thumbOn a narrow road lined with shops, next to the yachts and small fishing boats on Vourkari’s dock, is Aristos. The restaurant specializes in seafood and classic Greek dishes. You can enjoy a slice of spinach pie known as spanakopita, a simple Greek salad, octopus marinated in ouzo, pasta with lobster, or freshly caught whole fish. If the weather isn’t too hot, they are famous for their “psarosoupa,” meaning fish soup. Enjoy a leisurely meal, sip some ouzo, and then wander to the nearby shops to do some late afternoon shopping.

Without a doubt this is the best place to eat on the island. Located next to the port in Korissia, Odale is set in a contemporary and playful building with a door (minus the surrounding wall) marking the entrance to the restaurant and pastry shop. Odale is the perfect spot to enjoy a meal before leaving or after arriving at the port. It’s also the perfect spot to grab an afternoon cup of coffee and something sweet from the pastry shop. The pastries are creative, elegant, and some of the best I have had in Greece. Be sure to try their contemporary version of the classic Greek dessert galaktoboureko, as well as the profiterole filled with rich chocolate custard and fluffy cream.
To travel to the island of Kea, take the ferry from Lavrio port in Athens to Kea. The island is so close to the mainland that you’re there within an hour.


Monopatia in Kea (walking paths)

trail2Kea is the first of the Cycladic islands and is quite a big and diverse island. There are many well marked walking paths throughout the island. Some of the walking paths lead to archaeological sites and points of interest. Karthea which is an exquisite archaeological site with a temple that was built in 530 BC with some of the ground plan partially restored and the remains of the temple of Athena, which is a Doric temple from the late Archaic period 500BC.These fantastic archaeological finds are located at the end of a walking path on one of the islands most breathtaking beaches called “poles”. Walking down is easy enough but if you don’t feel the return trip will be as easy, or if you simply want to enjoy the afternoon snorkelling and swimming in the sea then we can arrange for a speed boat to come and pick you up later in the day and return you to the port of Vourkari. If its sunset upon return you can relax, stay on the boat and take in a sunset boat tour, sip on some chilled wine and snacks on board.

The walking paths are numerous with varying levels of difficulty, from leisurely family walks to more challenging hikes. Kea boasts Peaks reaching 500m, oak forests and beautiful beaches to explore by foot and by sea. An easy walking path is that from the church of Agio Dimitrio to the ‘well of Benjamin’ and then to the famous stone sculpture of the ‘Lion’ located just outside the main Chora of Ioulida.

trail3The sculpture dates back to the archaic era in 600 BC. It is worth taking a look at and pondering the strangeness of a lion sculpture on a Cycladic island. After visiting the Lion you can continue on to enjoy lunch at one of the traditional tavernas in Ioulida and then either return back to your starting spot on the walking path or head to the taxi or bus stop to return down to the port of Korissia. This walking path is around 40 minutes each way and is mostly flat, easy going and very enjoyable

Weddings in Kea

Weddings, Events and Wedding Parties in KEA

Weddings in KEAKea is the ideal place to plan your wedding, event or wedding party. Kea is a beautiful Greek island only an hour from the port of Lavrio by Ferryboat, or less by private speed boat.

You can have a traditional wedding in a small chapel or a wedding ceremony at the historic town hall in Ioulida. The best part about a wedding is the party after!! Kea has many options for your party. There are Beautiful beaches or private villas with swimming pools and sunset views to have your wedding party. Hair, make-up, beauty and flower services are all available to make your special day unforgettable. Photographers, catering and all the extras are also easily arranged. Your wedding is a special day and we will make it perfect. Wedding parties in KEAAccommodation for all guests can also be booked, either at a stunning private villa, or at one of Keas best hotels. After the wedding is over let us pamper the happy couple. Relax in your beautiful villa or hotel, have a massage by the pool, enjoy a champagne lunch, take in a sunset boat tour. Kea has got many hidden beaches and we can take you on a private speed boat and pack a gourmet lunch to enjoy after your swim. Relax and enjoy Kea, we are here to take care of all the details in arranging your wedding, the wedding party and the pampering afterwards.
Kea is also an ideal location to have a family reunion or a milestone birthday party or wedding anniversary. Parties can be held in one of the lovely seaside tavernas to enjoy local delicacies in a laid back environment. Parties can also be set up to your specifications at one of the private villas with catering, Dj, decoration etc. The options are endless, Kea also has a great little nightclub if the party is for the young and young at heart, Whatever it is your celebrating , with a few friends or all your friends, let us take care of it all.
Life is short, make the most of it!