Rent a private villa in Kea, Greece

Private villas in Kea

rent a private villa in kea, greece Kea is a beautiful island belonging to the Cyclades and a perfect place to rent a private villa for your summer holidays. Kea has many beautiful private villas with swimming pools or without, all with a beautiful view either to the sea or the rugged interior of the island. Kea, being so close to Athens has become a hot spot for wealthy Athenians that have built these beautiful private villas in harmony with the rocky hillsides of Kea. Most of the private villas are built using local stone and blend perfectly into Kea’s beautiful and rugged nature. Renting one of these private villas in Kea allows you the freedom of enjoying a home away from home. Renting a private villa in Kea is ideal for families so that in the evenings the parents can relax around the pool or outside while the children sleep. Renting a private villa is also great for a few couples to share to be able to spend some quality time and at the same time have the freedom to be able to relax and feel like having your own summer home/ villa in kea.

rent a private villa in kea, greeceKea is quite a big island, the fifth largest of the Cyclades and there are many villas to look into before deciding on which one is right for you and your family. The sizes of the villas vary from small two bedroom homes to grand 6 bedroom villas. Some of the private villas are close to the main port and more touristy beaches for those that want to have everything close by and others are more isolated situated in remote areas and allow those that truly want to be ‘ left alone in peace and quiet’.

rent a private villa in kea, greeceWhatever it is you’re looking for we can help you rent a private villa on the beautiful island of Kea, with more than 500 private villa, I am sure that we will find exactly what you are looking for.