Monopatia in Kea (walking paths)

trail2Kea is the first of the Cycladic islands and is quite a big and diverse island. There are many well marked walking paths throughout the island. Some of the walking paths lead to archaeological sites and points of interest. Karthea which is an exquisite archaeological site with a temple that was built in 530 BC with some of the ground plan partially restored and the remains of the temple of Athena, which is a Doric temple from the late Archaic period 500BC.These fantastic archaeological finds are located at the end of a walking path on one of the islands most breathtaking beaches called “poles”. Walking down is easy enough but if you don’t feel the return trip will be as easy, or if you simply want to enjoy the afternoon snorkelling and swimming in the sea then we can arrange for a speed boat to come and pick you up later in the day and return you to the port of Vourkari. If its sunset upon return you can relax, stay on the boat and take in a sunset boat tour, sip on some chilled wine and snacks on board.

The walking paths are numerous with varying levels of difficulty, from leisurely family walks to more challenging hikes. Kea boasts Peaks reaching 500m, oak forests and beautiful beaches to explore by foot and by sea. An easy walking path is that from the church of Agio Dimitrio to the ‘well of Benjamin’ and then to the famous stone sculpture of the ‘Lion’ located just outside the main Chora of Ioulida.

trail3The sculpture dates back to the archaic era in 600 BC. It is worth taking a look at and pondering the strangeness of a lion sculpture on a Cycladic island. After visiting the Lion you can continue on to enjoy lunch at one of the traditional tavernas in Ioulida and then either return back to your starting spot on the walking path or head to the taxi or bus stop to return down to the port of Korissia. This walking path is around 40 minutes each way and is mostly flat, easy going and very enjoyable