Kea is a magical place

kea shipwreck keaunlugged Aegean sea

Diving with Keaunpugged

The Greek island of Kea is a magical place to explore above and below the surface of the Aegean Sea. Kea has been on the news a lot recently, being mentioned by both Fox News and The Mirror in commemoration of the 100 year anniversary of the shipwreck HMHS Britannic.

Dive in to magical Aegean Sea with KeaUnglugged

kea shipwreck keaunlugged Aegean sea

Diving with Keaunplugged

The Britannic was the famous sister ship of the even more famous ship The Titanic. In the depths just off the Greek island of Kea lies the world class shipwreck. Diving and exploring the depths around th e wreck can be arranged with experienced and qualified divers and equipment. Keaunplugged concierge can arrange your entire holiday, from Greek villa rental to transportation and of course all details for your diving adventures. The wreck of the Britannic lies at 400 feet below the surface and was put there while travelling to gather wounded British soldiers from the island of Lemnos, where it hit a German mine. The casualties were minimal thankfully. What remains of the Britannic today at the bottom of the sea are magnificent. Let us book your holiday now, there is so much to explore on the beautiful Greek island of Kea.