Places to Travel in 2020 To Combat Overtourism

Take the road less traveled, and still get your wanderlust fulfilled.

Overtourism, described as the “perceived congestion or overcrowding from an excess if tourists, resulting in conflicts with locals”, entered our lexicon in 2012, but wasn’t used widely until 2015. With an increasingly global middle class (who often value travel and experiences over material items), social media FOMO, and the rise of airbnb and discount flying, many moving parts contribute to the overtourism in some of our beloved places. That doesn’t mean traveling is out the question. It’s just about being more conscious of our decisions when traveling. As a rule, traveling during off peak, taking alternative modes of transportation when visiting multiple countries (instead of just flying), and being mindful of local customs and lives are a small way to combat this larger problem. Let’s say bon voyage to traveling thoughtlessly. Even popular sites like Kayak are promoting under-the-radar places¬†to inspire travelers to choose the path less traveled. Here are our picks:


Santorini was a major destination in 2019, so much so that the city has had to limit the amount of ferry’s and tourists on the island per day. If you still want the beautiful beaches, breathtaking views, and quaint charm of Santorini, try the neighboring islands of Kea and Kythnos instead. Kea has similar architectural draws (think white and blue hilltop villages without the tourist crowds), and Kythnos features gorgeous thermal springs and some of the best restaurants in Greece. Stay in Athens (we’re loving Niche Hotels at the moment) and day trip to both islands, or book early to enjoy an overnight stay on the beach at Hotel Kythnos Bay.

Source: redbook